Our company started its journey in General Contracting in 2007  led by C. Beau Rowland with a clear message: “Building Distinction Through Creativity.”

While our firm is a mainstream commercial general contracting company, our creativity in finding solutions to both architectural and budget hurdles has consistently set us apart.

Each of our individual projects is approached with attention to architectural relevance and aesthetic perfection while maintaining budget-conscious parameters. Our creativity in achieving these goals has placed us as industry leaders in all sectors of commercial general contracting.

Our services are increasingly needed as our client base requires more square footage, more systems, and more architectural features all with more budget constraints.

Coming from one of Orlando’s few pioneering families in the 1880s, C. Beau Rowland brings a rich family history and significant business relationships to Rowland & Company. His career has spanned the past quarter of a century in Orlando with over $250 million in commercial construction managed under his leadership.

Our Story

Blackcoat Directors

Blackcoat Directors

C.B. Rowland, SR – CGC

Executive Director/Shareholder

Dr. Adriana Mendez

Director of Operations

William M. Rowland III, ESQ

Director of Contracts

Brian J. Oconnell

Director of Accounting

Andrew B. Hunt

Director of Pre-Construction